What are FCPXML Titles?

`fcpxml` refers to the XML file format used by Final Cut Pro X, which is a non-linear video editing software developed by Apple Inc. This XML file format is designed to allow users and third-party applications to import and export the details of a video project to and from Final Cut Pro X.

Within an `fcpxml` file, "titles" refer to the text elements that can be added to a video project. These can range from simple text overlays to complex motion graphics that are used for things like opening credits, lower thirds, subtitles, and other textual information in a video.

The `fcpxml` format would define titles by describing their attributes like font, size, color, position, and animation properties in XML tags. This means that when you export a project to `fcpxml`, all the details of the titles used in the project are saved in this format. Conversely, when you import an `fcpxml` file, Final Cut Pro X can recreate the titles in the project as they were when the file was created.

If you're editing titles in Final Cut Pro X and you want to save or share them, you might export the relevant section of your project as an `fcpxml` file. Developers might also create software that can read or write `fcpxml` files to interact with Final Cut Pro X, including creating custom titles that can be imported into a user's project.

To create FCP Titles that are like captions of the spoken words in your video, use the Simon Says Mac app/FCP extension.

To create FCP Titles from an SRT file you already have, use the Simon Says Convert option here.

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