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Larry Jordan: What was it that caused you to wake up one morning saying,  "This needs to be invented"?

Rory McGregor: We're based in Adelaide in South Australia, which is about as far from the international film industry as you can get.

LJ: With the exception of New Zealand.

RM: No, I think New Zealand is even closer. I think Perth's probably the furthest you can get in Australia, but it's not traditionally a big film community.

LJ: That is a true statement.

RM: Yes. Rising Sun Pictures were a visual effects firm that were born in Adelaide and they required a way of being able to talk to studios in the US. They were working on Harry Potter and Superman and films like that and they were playing Quicktimes together and saying, to the person at the other end, like,  "We're going to load this Quicktime," and then,  "Three, two, one, play," and then they'd realize they weren't looking at the same clip, they realized that they'd started at different points. It didn't work and there was this yell of there must be an easier way. Essentially, cineSync was born overnight as the mashing together of a chatroom and a Quicktime player to make something work.

LJ: How long ago was that?

RM: That was near on 12 years ago now.

LJ: Oh my goodness.

RM: But what happened out of that was they were using it with Industrial Light Magic and then so ILM got onto it and, before it was even a product, they were using it with Steven Spielberg, they were using it with all these people and it was amazing. It just took off. Because it was a collaborative tool, because it's one that you're always sharing with other people, the word of mouth was fantastic and so it's really just sold itself all the way through the film industry, particularly in visual effects.

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