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Jim Tierney: Transcriptive has multiple components at this point. There is the Premiere panel that allows you to bring in the transcripts and they can be AI generated. You can also import human-based transcripts. As long as that has timestamps, every word is going to have timecode when you bring it into Premiere, and so that makes stuff like searching amazingly easy and basically becomes like Google for Premiere allowing you to search all the transcripts, find exactly where it's at. You can then kick it out as captions or subtitles.

The thing that we're talking about at the show is, which is a web-based version of it, which will allow the editor to send the transcript up to the cloud and let a producer or client edit it in a web browser, and then kick it back over to Premiere.

Larry Jordan: Do you have a team of munchkins that your office that are doing all these transcripts or how does the transcript process itself work?

JT: We upload it either to a cloud-based AI system to do the automatic transcription and so that's one way of creating it. If you already have existing transcripts or if you want to get a human transcript, as long as they have timestamps, we can import those as well.

LJ: When you say timestamps, does that mean I have to have a timecode ID for each word?

JT: No, just every 30 seconds or so. We can then interplate between those timestamps and assign a timecode to every word.

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