Introducing Simon Calls: record and transcribe your phone calls

Ever wanted to record and transcribe a call but didn't know how?

A major challenge with phone calls is the difficulty to record and transcribe important calls, such as a work meeting, sales pitch, or research interview.

Simon Calls was created to seamlessly record and transcribe your calls.

What is Simon Calls?

Simon Calls is an auto-transcription tool for your phone calls. It is three services in one: make phone calls, record them, and transcribe them.

Go to the website, make the call, and out comes the transcript.

As we control the calling process, we ensure the highest audio fidelity of your recording which leads to the highest accuracy of the call transcript.

Use Cases:

Pre-production and production: record interviews with your guests to prep for production or record radio and podcasts interviews . You can easily share the recording and transcript with the director, producer, editor and other production team members.

Research and Customer Development: conduct research interviews with existing and potential customers on a new product or service and share the recording/transcript with analysts. You can search keywords like competitor or brand mentions.

Meetings: record and transcribe a work meeting so you can focus on the call and refer back to the important parts later on with the transcript.

Sales Calls: recording pitches is a good way to learn from and on how your team can execute sales calls better.

After your call is finished, its transcript will be ready.

3 Easy Steps:

1. Place the call: Go to the website and enter the number of the person you want to call.

2. Talk: Have that call as you normally would. If you hear an important point on the call, bookmark it and you can easily refer back to it later.

3. Auto-transcribe: End the call and the accurate transcript is ready in minutes, powered by our automated speech recognition technology. Then make any corrections and export the transcript to Microsoft Word or download the audio file recording.

The process is truly seamless. You focus on your call; we'll handle the rest.


Your calls are private and confidential. Transcription is by machine only, never seen/heard by a human.


Transcription costs 17¢/minute and includes calls made to the US and Canada. Calls made to other countries may incur a surcharge.

With Simon Calls, you can focus on having a productive meeting without worrying about note-taking or forgetting key parts. This lets you dive deeper into important conversations and really get to the core insights.

Find that meaningful dialogue: to learn more and to start transcribing your calls, visit

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