Generate subtitles for your Amazon Prime Video

You need subtitles when you submit your video for distribution on AmazonÔøΩ Simon Says can help.

Simon Says + Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is available to millions of viewers across the globe. Amazon knows the preferences of their customers and have the ability to recommend your film/TV series to its viewers who they know will be interested. That means your documentary/film/series has the potential to be viewed (and paid for!) by a huge audience.

Simon Says + Amazon Video Central

Sign up to Amazon Video Central, the  "global platform for video content and delivery partners" here:

One of the requirements to submit your material to Amazon Video Central is a caption file (or subtitle file) and that's where Simon Says comes in. We not only offer SRT exports from a transcript, but you can also translate it into numerous languages with their own SRT to reach an even wider, global audience on Amazon.

Here's how to generate subtitles for your Amazon Prime Video Central submission:

  1. Export your final edit from your video editing application (leave out the music and sound effects tracks for better AI accuracy) and upload it to Simon Says:

2. Generate your transcript in the language of the media:

3. Make any edits:

4. Click Export and select Translate and the languages you want to translate your transcript to:

Select Translate and then Let's do this

5. Export and download your subtitles in SRT format, ready for your Amazon Prime submission! A .zip file containing the subtitle(s) will be download to your default download location. Unzip it to access your SRT files which you then upload to Amazon Video Central.


Distribute your content with subtitles and generate revenue globally with Amazon.

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