Episode 5: Slippies | Young Charlie podcast (Transcript)

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Episode 5: Slippies | Young Charlie podcast (Transcript)
Length: 38 mins

Young Charlie by Hollywood & Crime contains depictions of violence and is not suitable for everyone. Please be advised.

Tracy Pattin: On November 17, 1969, Ronnie Howard was waiting for a bus outside Sybil Brand Detention Center in downtown LA. She was due to appear in a Santa Monica court on a forgery charge. Deciding she couldn't live with herself if more people were killed by Susan Atkins or her friends, Ronnie had confided to a deputy that her cellmate was responsible for the Tate and LaBianca murders.

The deputy passed the information on to her superior who didn't seem interested. When Ronnie asked again, the deputy told her to just forget about it. Ronnie pleaded with the woman to call the LAPD herself or more people would die. The deputy had informed her that making a call on behalf of an inmate was against the rules. Now, as she waited for the bus that would take her to Santa Monica, Ronnie Howard got in line with the other women inmates hoping to use the pay phone. Afraid she wouldn't get to the head of the line before the bus arrived, she paid the two girls in front of her 50 cents to cut ahead.

When she got the LAPD. on the line, a homicide officer said he'd send a car over to pick her up immediately. Just then, the transport bus arrived. Ronnie told the officer she'd be in court all day and he should send someone there, then she hung up the phone. She had forgotten to tell the officer which court.

From Wondery, I'm Tracy Pattin with Stephen Lang. Today, Hollywood & Crime presents Young Charlie.

If you're joining us for the first time, we recommend you go back and listen to the previous episodes. We'll be waiting for you. Today's episode: Slippies.

Here's my co-host Stephen Lang.

Stephen Lang: Everything is contained within Charlie's philosophy. It's a circle that completes itself because he is its beginning and its end. When he is gentle, the lesson is love, and when he yanks on Pat's hair or gives Mary a smack, it's obedience. They are lucky to have found him amid their aimless wanderings because above all, Charlie provides them with direction.

When Mary quit her job, they survive by the scrounging techniques they'd learned from the diggers in Haight-Ashbury or they find wayward hippies willing to share their parents credit cards, but San Francisco's Summer of Love is quickly descending into chaos with the influx of young people needing to be housed and fed. By late 1967, drug overdoses are increasingly common and clinics fight to contain outbreaks of infectious disease. Peace and love have devolved into drug wars and competing gurus.

Charlie decides it's time to start planning for his triumphal return to LA and the launch of his musical career. In order to make the proper impression, he needs an entourage worthy of his talents.

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