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Larry Jordan: Welcome back to Day 2 at NAB. This is Larry Jordan. If you've seen my email box recently, there's about 800 messages of new releases coming in from the company we're about to talk about next which is It seems like every week they release 7500 new features. And I need the CEO to defend this behavior. Emery Wells is with CEO and a co-founder and CEO of Emery, have you had any sleep? The product has just been exploding. Congratulations!

Emery Wells: Thank you very much. We try our hardest.

Larry Jordan: For people that have heard of but don't understand what it does, give me a description of the company.

Emery Wells: Sure. So is now the world's most popular video review and approval system. So when you are making video, you have lots of different things you need to do. You have a lot of big files you need to share. You have work in progress edits that you need to share and get feedback on. You need to go through that iterative processes. You kind of get that feedback and upload new versions. So really handles all of that in a really seamless way. And you know you can think of it as the file sharing and communication platform for post-production professionals.

Larry Jordan: What was it that got you interested in review and approval in the first place?

Emery Wells: Well, I had a post company for sevenÔøΩ seven or eight years. And we started building in my post company just to solve our own problems. We didn't initially zero in on just the review and approval. We call collaboration platform because review and approval is an important part of it but it's really more facilitating kind of all of the tooling and post-production kind of operational things that have to happen.

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