Digital Production Buzz Partners with Simon Says to create Transcripts of NAB 2019 Shows

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The Digital Production Buzz was the first company to present live podcasts directly from the NAB trade show floor, beginning back in 2009. Since then, we've expanded our coverage every year.

This year, in addition to creating 27 new shows over three and a half days, we are excited to partner again with Simon Says to create fast-turnaround transcripts for every episode we produce at the 2019 NAB Show.

The Buzz, which is heard in 195 countries around the globe, provides an in-depth look at the latest technology announced at the show by interviewing almost 100 industry leaders. Accessing and understanding this information is critical to anyone trying to plan for the future. For this reason, we feel it is important to make our shows as easy to review as possible.

"Our goal at NAB," said Debbie Price, supervising producer,  "is to provide timely in-depth coverage of the latest industry news and products. NAB is a show focused on media technology, which is at the heart of what the Digital Production Buzz audience wants to learn. By partnering with Simon Says, we can offer timely text transcripts to supplement our podcasts and give viewers another way to discover the latest technology news."

Simon Says is an established leader in its pursuit to remove the frustration from production with AI and will harness its technology to swiftly and accurately produce transcripts for each 2019 NAB Digital Production Buzz show.

"We've long admired Larry Jordan's dedication to demystify the production industry and we align on his mission to empower video pros. We are excited by the potential of AI to do so and we have started with automated transcription, subtitling, and translation with seamless NLE integrations," says Shamir Allibhai, founder of Simon Says.

Audio and video media are becoming increasingly searchable but nothing beats the accessibility of text. Transcripts will be posted on The Buzz's NAB website within a few hours and with the Simon Says interactive audio-transcript player which also displays notes and product links.


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