Christopher Spahr of DPA Microphones | Interview snippets from NAB BuZZ 2018 podcasts with Larry Jordan

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Larry Jordan: What have you got that's new for us this year?

Christopher Spahr: We released a new technology within those miniature microphones. Not changing the capsule, the capsule's still the thing, the one we've made for a long time, but the preamplifier underneath the capsule, basically, the electronics in it, we made a new one called CORE, so it's CORE by DPA. Basically, it's allowing us to not eliminate the distortion but bring the distortion across the audio spectrum down to such a low point that we're able to increase our dynamic range within these little teeny microphones by up to 14 dB. So that's still the same mic that was handling all the stuff it was happening before, but now we're actually getting more information out of it just by changing a little amplifier within the microphone.

LJ: That's almost as important as the capsule is the conversion from the analog, in the old terms, the vibrations which would cause the mic to vibrate, and turning it into bits of 1s and 0s. That's where a lot of microphones used to fall apart because they didn't have a good A to D conversion.

CS: Exactly, and you don't think about it. It's not a very sexy thing to think about the preamplifier that you can't see, that's in the housing of the microphone, but it makes a huge difference.

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