Caliphate Chapter 5: The Heart| New York Times Audio Series (Transcript)

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Caliphate Chapter 5: The Heart| New York Times Audio Series (Transcript)
Length: 22 mins

M20: From the New York Times and the team that brought you the daily. This is Califate.

F20: On July 4th 2014. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi the leader of the Islamic State arrives in western Mosul in a convoy of cars in great secrecy.

F22: I remember residents telling me that all of the streets were roped off. Suddenly they didn't know why. He walks into the historic Amori mosque a famous mosque in western Mosul. The mosque is full because it's Friday and the congregation is waiting for the Friday sermon. And then.

M1: Baghdadi ascends the pedestal to a little podium. He approaches the microphone and he declares the caliphate. What. Is.

F3: Know. This is what al Qaeda had planned for for years and had never succeeded in doing so well back to him. In this moment on this day that you don't see ISIS did.

M16: By the way I forgot to ask you the day when one Baghdadi stood at the pulpit at the mosque in Mosul and announced the Caliphate where were you. I was in Syria and in my city I was in Manbij.

M13: And yes it was a lot of celebration that day they celebrated it was throughout the night. They just would have sweets handed out food free food restaurants would be giving a free food.

M14: They'd be hugging each other you know. The ISIS fighters themselves will be in the city gloating about their victories and everything and how they helped.

M21: Create this stream. Chapter 5.

F2: So me this is the dream the arrival at long last of the state vrai. I mean this dream of an Islamic homeland is what is responsible in a way for bringing in people from all across the world. Forty thousand ended up flooding through the doors of the caliphate to join ISIS to join this community and to help build this Islamic promised land.

M16: Yes just here from here. These are the three I want you to feed yourself. Yes. This was on the Euphrates edge of the Euphrates. Who are these guys. These guys are all fellow fighters and are police officers. This guy was from called Finland. You know these guys were local Tunisians three Clift.

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