2019 BET Black Girls Rock! Awards| Icon Award| Angel Bassett

Angela Bassett | Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

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2019 BET Black Girls Rock! Awards - September 8, 2019 | Icon Award | Angela Bassett (Transcript)
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Angela Bassett: Hey sisters, you good? You look good. You look like a letter from home.

I always look forward to watching the Black Girls Rock Awards. It's such a special night of tribute and recognition of us, so it means so much for me to be here with you tonight.

I'm often asked in interviews if my portraying smart, strong women throughout my career has been on purpose and thinking about what to say to you tonight, the word purpose and what it means has filled my spirit. We all have purpose, even if we're still striving to understand what that is.

When I decided, as a teenager, that acting would be my path, whether I recognized it or not, I was walking towards my purpose. As a young actress trying to make my way, survival figured into the equation but not so much that I was ever willing to compromise my integrity.

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