Assemble: text-based video editing

Mark & order soundbites. Lock story.
Export to your video editor. 💃Happy dance.

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Import video & transcribe

Import your dailies, interviews, and recordings to Simon Says using any one of our products: web, FCPX Extension, Mac app, Adobe extension, and Resolve extension. Then transcribe.

Find the soundbites

Go into Assemble mode on the web. Highlight the soundbites and mark the meaningful parts of your interview and dialogue.

Drag & drop to edit video

Order and reorder soundbites and clips to form the foundation of your story: the video is dynamically created. Build your story simply by dragging and dropping text.


Invite your teammates and client to view, comment, edit and sign-off on the story. Eliminate rounds of editing: it all happens live in the browser.

Seamless Exports

With the story approved and the tedium of back-and-forths eliminated, it's time to really get creative and bring the film to life. Export the assembly edit to your audio/video editing application and watch the timeline magically recreate and clips reconnect. Focus on pacing, cut to music, color/grade.

Start cutting your video

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15 minutes free credit