How to dub
audio / video in

Ukrainian (Ukraine)

It's never been easier to reach more people, including those who speak a different language!

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What is Dubbing?
Dubbing is where you take a video spoken in one language and you have it voiced, or dubbed, into a different language, typically for audiences and geographies where they speak a foreign language.

How does it work?
Dubbing entails transcribing your audio/video file; translating it to the desired language(s); and then voicing or dubbing it into those desired languages.

This guide will help you to swiftly dub your content into foreign languages so it is accessible to much larger audiences and to many more countries around the world.
Here's how to dub your video in 5 steps:
  1. Import your audio and video via the web. You can also import from your computer and video editing application: macOS app, Adobe Premiere Pro extension, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve extension, or Final Cut Pro X extension.

    You can import multiple files at the same time.

    Import your video to Simon Says AI
    Import your audio and video via the web, macOS app, Final Cut Pro X extension, & others
  2. Select the original language of the audio/video file. Then click Transcribe. In your transcript, you should identify different speakers if applicable as when it comes time to dubbing, you can assign different voices to the different speakers you identified.

    Simon Says swiftly transcribes
  3. Once transcription is complete, choose "Translation" from the export menu. Then choose the language:

    Ukrainian (Ukraine)

    This step will do a text-to-text translation of the transcript.

    Translate your video from Export
  4. You are ready to dub the video once the translated transcript is ready! Choose the dub icon in the toolbar. Listen to the voice options and select which voice you want to match which speaker.

    On the next screen you will see the cost to dub your video: pay or sign up to a plan and use the included credit.

    Dubbing icon on the transcript page
  5. Next: you will see the cost to

    Ukrainian (Ukraine)

    Note: you can choose multiple dubbing languages

    Simon Says swiftly transcribes
  6. Next translate your transcript by clicking "Export" and choosing the respective Translate icon. Choose the language(s) you want to translate your audio/video to.

    Simon Says supports 100+ languages
    Clicking "Export" and choosing the respective Translate icon
  7. The A.I. magic has started! Behind the scenes, the A.I. is generating the synthetic audio to dub your video! All this happens in minutes! It takes approximately 50% of the duration of a file to create a dubbed video. Example: a 1-hour file will take 30 minutes to dub.

    Once the dubbed video is ready, you will receive an email with a link to download the dubbed video. Alternatively, you can check your user settings page for the transaction history where you will see a download link.

    Woohoo! Your dubbed video is now ready for the world!

    Dubbed video download available in your transaction history
    You can download your dubbed video for 1 week from your transaction history.

    How to dub
    your audio/video in

    Ukrainian (Ukraine)

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